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One Day

Now offering a private one-day Marathon Couples Therapy in Byron Bay.

A one-day marathon is a powerful therapy format. In this Frontloading approach we allocate costs and effort unevenly, with the greater emphasis at the beginning of the process. This will allow us to dive in to the burning issues without losing the potency that they hold. Some couples report that a traditional weekly, fortnightly or monthly session seem to dilute the process while others may feel it is helpful to slow the process down.

A one-day marathon is appropriate for couples seeking to have the time to talk in-depth about the struggles and challenges of the relationship. There is time to process past injuries that have never healed, and time to understand how these injuries have impacted the relationship. Although this is not always possible, I recommend allowing time after our day together and not rush back in to everyday life demands.

A one-day marathon would usually follow up with fortnightly or monthly sessions to allow integration and practice of repair and new communication skills.

Once you have made a decision to engage in a one-day marathon therapy it is very advisable that you try to “call a truce” on any on-going issues in your relationship for the time being. 

Whatever issues you are currently struggling with will be addressed over our day together in a way that allows both of you to feel heard, understood and validated.

Please contact me for clarification about whether a one-day Marathon Therapy is suitable for your situation.

*A one-day Marathon will not be suitable if there is an active alcohol and/or drug addiction. If there is serious violence in your relationship. If either partner currently has an untreated major mental illness.

“I initially saw Tamar with my wife. After our couple’s counselling came to a finish point, I felt I’d like to continue on my own to deepen my understanding on things that came up for me in those sessions. I felt that Tamar had a very good understanding of my relationship and my past. Seeing her individually has opened my eyes to the unresolved grief I was carrying around my relationship with my father. I was not aware of the extent of how this had been behind so much of my behavior and motivations.”

​- Adam (43)

How It Works 

A one-day Marathon Therapy schedule includes:

10am-11:30 Session 1
11:30-12pm Morning Tea (provided)
12pm-1:30pm Session 2
1:30-2:30pm Lunch
2:30-4pm Session 3

Exclusive Couple Therapy & Relationship Insight From Tamar

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