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for Individuals

Psychotherapy does not suit everyone and in some relationships, it is enough for one partner to outsource support and then bring it back home.

Some of my individual clients come with an intention to work on their relationship without the physical presence of their partner in the room.

But I also have clients that are on the path of inner work and self-development regardless of their relationship status. I have long term individual clients whom I cherish deeply. I usually see them more frequently at first until there is a sense that a ‘body of inner work’ has been achieved and they take a break until they feel called to come back for ‘the next round’. I’m open to having new clients come on board. I will need to have an email or phone conversation with them in advance. To understand what their goal in therapy is and what is their commitment.

Some of my individual clients have started off in couple’s therapy where one partner felt they would like to continue and deepen their work alone. This means I did not see them as a couple anymore. I believe working and learning about our SELF is by far the best investment we can do.

“I initially saw Tamar with my wife. After our couple’s counselling came to a finish point, I felt I’d like to continue on my own to deepen my understanding on things that came up for me in those sessions. I felt that Tamar had a very good understanding of my relationship and my past. Seeing her individually has opened my eyes to the unresolved grief I was carrying around my relationship with my father. I was not aware of the extent of how this had been behind so much of my behavior and motivations.”
– Adam (43)

In my counselling work with individuals I use different therapeutic modalities I have accumulated over the years.

My sessions are 90 minutes long which allows time to look at pressing issues as well as get familiar with long holding thought patterns. We understand where and why these came to be and move in to a new perspective with new skills we can then bring in to our day today events and relationships.

The goal of any counselling and therapeutic relationship is the strengthening of the SELF. This is the part of us that is ultimately responsible for our healing and this is the part of us that creates the life we want. These sessions are a SAFE space to inquire, heal and develop in eras like understanding our life story, sexuality, relationship to power, leadership, creativity, parenting, self-love, independence, health and vitality.

“Tamar has been supporting and following my development for the last few years. She is a source of wisdom and encouragement that has been instrumental for my healing journey. We have processed together my past traumas and the effects it had on me. Now I’m in a stronger place and challenging my desire to share my art with the world. Tamar has helped me find my voice and self-love. I wish for everywoman to have this kind of back bone support in their life”.
– Ashlie R. (34)

How It Works 

Couples Counselling Couples counselling relies on the belief that problems are best dealt with when therapy can support the relationship and family where they emerge. They most often include a combination of couples and individual sessions. The frequency and number of consultations will be decided according to the needs of each couple.

Individual Counselling varies in duration and frequency. It can be undertaken independently from or in combination with couples counselling.

Exclusive Couple Therapy & Relationship Insight From Tamar

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