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for Couples

You may be at a crossroad right now, or you might just be curious and open to explore new avenues for working through a situation that may feel doomed.
I’m here to be a bridge between your current set roles and the true mature nature of your connection.  I’m here to give you tools which will step your connection into a new dimension of pleasure and trust. I’m here to open the door for you to discover the sacred core of your connection and the fundamental reason and way you can serve each other’s healing and wellbeing.

I facilitate a safe space for a miracle to occur. For your own wisdom and bodily-knowing to lead you. I help with finding the words, filling in the gaps, supporting the unspoken to surface up and allow you to find the sweet spot for your connection, with a practice and tools you can always come back to.

By giving your relationship the right attention you may lay a foundation for life. Some relationships just need a little bit of tweaking that can go a long way and some need to be redefined by looking at outdated thought patterns in relation to sex, power and love.

I believe relationships and life-long love are a worthy cause.


Although we don’t receive degrees and accreditation, although no one really takes points to how much effort we have put in and how hard it sometimes is. I believe that in the crossing point between our physical human and our spiritual existence, relationships are to be the only thing that we carry through the threshold and therefore, the only thing that is ultimately real.



“Talking about the reality of our sex life and getting actual helpful tools was a groundbreaking revolution!”
– Rhiannon (34)

How It Works 

Couples Counselling Couples counselling relies on the belief that problems are best dealt with when therapy can support the relationship and family where they emerge. They most often include a combination of couples and individual sessions. The frequency and number of consultations will be decided according to the needs of each couple.

Individual Counselling varies in duration and frequency. It can be undertaken independently from or in combination with couples counselling.


Exclusive Couple Therapy & Relationship Insight From Tamar

Any questions you would like to know first-hand about how I may be able to contribute to the quality of your relationship? I would love to hear from you!