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When I was talking to my friend yesterday afternoon in between two Zoom meetings, I found myself saying that I felt a sense of stepping into leadership.

This of course is not a one-time event but rather a process that has been going on throughout my life. What’s new is a sense of realization that this is now ‘my shift’. I can no longer project an idea onto the future about how this will look. It is a total acceptance of being one with what is already here. My readiness does not come from my accomplishments nor from my talents. It comes from my willingness to serve. I am the one both leading and following. It is an internal dynamic within me. I realize that my primary relationship is my own internal relationship with myself. This is really all that it will ever be.

My predominant drive comes from trusting that I matter. This is not a grandiose egoic or inflated sense of self. It is a form of understanding over and over, how I affect and am affected by the world around me. I can see that my state is both informing and happens in relationship to all that is seemingly outside of myself. I accept that I’m playing a part. I’m willing to play my part. And I’m willing to refine it until my last breath. I’m willing to be in this relationship with myself – where I am willing to both lead and follow – and there is no separation between the two. And I’m willing to be seen.

Dropping the agenda around needing to be something other than who I am in truth. Trusting that it is enough. Surrendering to the unfolding of any moment. Knowing that this is a personalized curriculum I have signed into. Coming back to what is going on within me and right in front of me.  This is not a theoretical course. Where ‘the rubber hits the road’ is in each and every one of my interactions. And it’s not only in what I say or do, but it’s in how and what I think, too.

So, what I have learned today are three things:

  1. Leadership is an internal dynamic.
  2. Leadership is a willingness to play ‘my part’.
  3. Leadership comes from what I think and not only what I do.

I would love to hear your thoughts about your own sense of leadership and how it might be presenting itself these days?